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Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions 1000degrees products for

trademark 1000degrees, based in
Haarlem, Jansstraat 73, 2011RW Haarlem
Registered at the Kamer van Koophandel Amsterdam, number 34216319. By ordering a product, you automatically agree with 1000degrees' terms of delivery.

1. Definitions

1000graden (1000degrees) is owner in terms of copyright
and sales agent for trademark 1142593 and supplier
of the product.
- ‘buyer’: person who orders a product for delivery: another party
who is a natural person and does not act on behalf of or as a
company or profession, or a client who acts on behalf of or as
a company or profession, and, in his or her capacity, is the end user of
the products supplied.
- ‘recipient’: the addressee of the ordered product.

2. Applicability of these Terms and Conditions
These Terms and Conditions apply to all discounts and all agreements between
1000degrees and a buyer/recipient to which 1000degrees has applied these Terms and Conditions
insofar parties have not expressly and
in writing decided to deviate from these Terms and Conditions.

3. Prices
All prices are in Euros and are inclusive of 19% VAT. We cannot accept responsibility for price changes and misprints

4. Shipping costs
a) within the Netherlands: Shipping costs are included in the price for deliveries
within the Netherlands, provided that an extra separate charge to this end is mentioned.

b) outside the Netherlands: Extra shipping costs are charged for deliveries outside the Netherlands
. The exact amount depends on
the country and the price of the order. For more information,
please send an email to info@1000graden.nl

5. Payment
You will receive an email confirmation once you have placed an order. This email states the total
cost of your purchase, including extra shipping costs outside the Netherlands, if any. Payment
should always be made prior to delivery and in total by transferring the invoice amount to
the following account number: 101763999, in the name of 1000graden in Haarlem.

The following payment options are available:
a) Direct and online using iDeal, but only after approval of the
bank in question. There are no additional costs for online payments.
b) In case you want to (electronically) transfer the money via your own bank, the payment
needs to be made in full within 14 days of the date of purchase, after which the order shall
be dispatched. 1000degrees is not held to supply any goods as long as the
buyer/recipient has not met his or her payment obligation. If
payment has not been received within 14 days, 1000degrees is no longer obliged
to set aside the order. Other payment arrangements
are solely valid if they are agreed upon in writing.

6. Shipment
An order, if in stock, will be dispatched within 4 working days after receipt of payment at the latest, except in case of force majeure
and duing any periods, mentioned on the website, in which no shipments are made
Each shipment's delivery date is partly dependent on
the transporter.

7. Quality guarantee
1000degrees guarantees that the products supplied will meet the agreements
and live up to the specifications of the goods on offer.
Differences in colour and irregularities that can occur in
handmade products are the exceptions to this rule.
Buyer/recipient can ask 1000degrees to repair,
replace or deliver any missing parts. Buyer/recipient is held to notify 1000degrees by letter or email about any faulty products
within a reasonable time after establishing the fault, at the latest within 5 days
after receipt of the order.
If a product is returned that, in the opinion of 1000degrees,
was damaged as a result of the treatment by or
negligence on the part of the buyer/recipient, or the responsibility of the
buyer/recipient in any other way, 1000degrees will inform buyer/recipient thereof, after which
1000degrees can return the product at the expense of
the buyer/recipient.

9. Liability
1000degrees is never liable for consequential damages. Fragile products are wrapped as carefully as possible and are insured for transport.

10. Proviso
1000degrees does its utmost to keep the website up to date,
but it can happen that one of the 1000degrees' collections is no longer in stock.
In that case, the buyer is contacted as soon as possible.

11. Privacy
Personal details are only used for processing an
order and to maintain client relationships. They are never
made available to third parties.

12. Suggestions
Suggestions or comments about 1000degrees products can be
sent by email to info@1000graden.nl or in writing to
1000graden, Jansstraat 73 , 2011RW , Haarlem

13. Governing law
Dutch law is applicable to all agreements and
any disputes which may arise from them.

14. Copyright and trademark
Name, concept, design and website of 1000degrees are the property of the
1000degrees company. Nothing contained herein may be copied, saved and/or distributed
without prior written permission. As a trademark, 1000degrees is registered
under deposit number 1142593

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